Pepe Token

18.86 %
Change 24h
Market Cap
$ 3,293,916
Volume 24h
$ 1,394,224
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
# Exchange Pair Price Volume 24h


The project is about the most famous meme "Pepe the Frog". Its unique because it's fully decentralized meaning the deployer doesn't hold any supply, the Liquidity is 100% burned and the contract is fully renounced. The Project is around one day old, built with the mission to spread true decentralization of meme coins in the crypto space. This is a meme coin, so it does not have a utility, but built on the togetherness of a community. According to the true philosophy of DeFi and meme coins, it is traded on the open market, where everyone is treated the same way. Everyone can buy and sell however they'd like, with no restrictions. $Pepe has ABSOLUTELY NO blacklisting of ANY buyer. $Pepe NO taxes. There is NO centralized owner of the $PEPE contract. The liquidity pair of $Pepe is BURNT (Sent to 0xdead), ensuring no one can ever hurt the community by removing it. This is the true $Pepe, which encourages community, memetic warfare against normies and financial freedom following the philosophy of DeFi.
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