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What is the project about? RoastHimJim is an AI bot built on top of Twitter.com. It is built to provide a fun way for people to harmlessly roast others online while making sure ethical responses are still being generated.  What makes your project unique? Combining the (roasting + meme) culture of Crypto Twitter (CT) and twitter users, anyone can tag RoastHimJim on tweets they will like for Jim to responsd to. Jim will generate a funny roast in response to the tweet. History of your project. The project was born out of a need for a large community of people that love having a good time with their community. Devs that were previously well versed with Twitter bots came together the new phenomenon that could soon be used across platform on all social networks and apps.  What’s next for your project? RoastHimJim intends to challenge the boundaries of AI. First will be improvement of the bot that we already have. The road map is to increase the functionality to all social platforms eg. Discord, Telegram etc What can your token be used for? Other than holders being able to support the project and the innovation behind the AI. They can join in the ever-lasting Meme culture of CT. The team also intends to burn the tokens per tweet (summoning of the bot). A certain amount of jim tokens will be burnt per trigger of the bot, leading to the token being deflationary.
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