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$ 3,888,075
Volume 24h
$ 98,473
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1. What makes GMD unique? GMD Protocol is a yield optimizing and aggregating platform built on top of existing applications and GMD’s reserve token on Arbitrum. GMD employs delta-neutral or pseudo-delta-neutral strategies to aggregate yields from an index pool or an LP to its constituent individual assets, eliminating their risks of impermanent loss or exposure to unwanted asset. 2. History of GMD GMD Protocol launched October 24th, 2022. With an initial price of $1 and 50k liquidity burned, the delta-neutral vaults launched 5 days after the token launch. 3. What’s next for GMD? While GMD has made several products for high yielding platforms on Arbitrum & Avalanche and potentially other chains. The protocol continues to look for additional vaults and pseudo-delta-neutral strategies to ensure yield is optimized. Newsletters are released weekly every Tuesday
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